LEVIATHAN (w.t.) is a tactical SCI-FI role playing game with turn-based combat for PC.

Traverse into the DARKVERSE and explore the LEVIATHAN, a dungeon-like alien megastructure. Unravel its dark secrets and avert an ancient, deadly threat to all life in our universe.

  • A new, unique and complex sci-fi storyworld.

  • A graphical style mix with reminiscence of franco-belgian comics and modern sci-fi art.

  • Meet interesting characters – some of them join your team, others become fierce opponents.

  • Engange in thrilling combat encounters in sinsiter alien locations.

  • Assemble your mission team to explore the DARKVERSE and the LEVIATHAN.

  • Optimize your tactics and equipment.

  • Manage your ship and crew – alien and human alike.

Supported by the DCF of the MFG Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg.



Time: November 2019 – 2020

Engine: Unity

My field: Game Design

Tools: JIRA, Confluence, Unity, Excel, JSON

My tasks:

  • Extending pre-existing story
  • Extending pre-existing story world
  • Developing character stories
  • Combat design
  • Character stats design
  • Setting up skills + implementing
  • Enemy design + implementing
  • Item design + implementing
  • Level design + implementing
  • Quest design + implementing
  • Minigame design
  • Overall balancing
  • Sound design + implementing
  • QA Testing


Credits:  Zeitland media & games, MFG Baden-Württemberg